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Inspection items before installation of ultra thin slice

Answer:Usually, in order to ensure the safety of ultra-thin cutting pieces, they will be carefully checked before installation. First, before switching on the power supply, check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements, and the switch is placed in the OFF position. At the same time, check the cable, and the plug must not be damaged. Two. Check the casing of the whole machine, the shell should not be damaged, and check the cutting pieces. The cutting pieces should be intact. The common inspection method for this point is to observe the gap or crack of the cutting piece with eyes. Three, check the cutting plate protective cover should be good and firm. Four, power on empty running for 1 minutes, check whether the rotating parts of the tool are flexible and accessible.

Use a resin cut to take care of 4 details

Answer:In order to achieve safe production and improve production efficiency, some details need to be paid attention to when using resin cutting film. 1, when cutting is not sharp, the cutting blade should be trimmed and cut. If it continues to use, it will overheat and overload. Also, attention should be paid to cutting pieces not to be used for cutting or cutting off operations, so as to avoid abnormalities due to uneven forces. 2. When cutting pieces are not allowed to be cut by hand, they should not be touched by hand or body. And if there is any abnormality during cutting, stop immediately. Also note that when the cutting piece has a rotation direction, it must be in accordance with the turning direction of the machine tool. On the contrary, cutting is not sharp enough to exert the performance of the cutting piece. 3, if the cutting piece which does not match with the cut piece, it is easy to cause abnormal wear, poor sharpness and abnormal fever. In addition, we should also note that when the flange is too small or the accuracy is poor, it is easy to damage the cutting piece. Please use it after improvement. 4. Please check carefully before cutting the machine, confirm whether there are any deformation, crack or collapse. When using resin cutting film, as long as we pay attention to the above mentioned points, there will be no big problems.

Specification for the use of resin cutting plates

Answer:As the cutting tool for cutting tools, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation standard when using resin, otherwise it will be prone to accidents. How can it be used as a standard? First, when using cutting film, GB2494 safety rules for grinding tools should be observed first. Two, the cutting piece is only allowed to be installed on a single chip, and it is strictly prohibited to install two or two pieces at the same time. Three, the use speed of the cutting plate can not exceed the working line speed stipulated in the cutting plate. When the pneumatic grinding machine is used, it is necessary to prevent the instability of the air pressure and cause the cutting blade to exceed the maximum speed. Four. The storage time of resin cutting pieces is one year. The inspection should be carried out again after exceeding the time. Five, the cutting film should be used slowly when it is used. It is easy to stop, stop, and crashes the cutting film. If it is stuck, it should be lifted immediately to avoid cutting or breaking.

The safe use of cutting plates

Answer:Resin cutting plate, also known as resin grinding wheel, is mainly used as a resin grinding tool with chemical synthetic fabric to increase material. It has high tensile, impact resistance and bending strength, and the line speed is high. The resin grinding wheel of game making net is often installed on electric and pneumatic grinder, it can repair all kinds of metal surface, clean welding seam, solder joint, rust, grinding burr, fly edge, repair surface defect, and the slotting and cutting work of the workpiece. The use of resin grinding wheels is efficient and safe, and is suitable for chemical, shipbuilding, machinery, automobile, construction and other industrial sectors. 1. use the angle grinder with safety cover and the cutting machine with safety cover. 2., wear protective glasses, masks, earplugs, gloves and dustproof clothes. 3. in the ultra-thin resin cutting the maximum use of weekly speed, the highest use of rotary number below; 4. it is absolutely impossible to use the side of the resin cut sheet. 5. use the correct flange plate. No enhancement: above 1/3; enhanced: above 1/4; 6. before use, confirm that the resin cutting piece has no edges, no cracks, no cracks, etc. 7. keep the resin chip in place without direct sunlight and humidity, and place it horizontally. 8. suggest that before starting with the ultra thin resin cutting plate, please turn one minute after the use, change the new variety of resin cutting film, please turn 3 minutes after the use of empty. 9. will be cut solid firmly; 10. if the inner diameter of the resin cutting plate is small and the equipment does not match, do not change the aperture of the grinding wheel. In order to ensure the smooth operation of efficient production, we must do a good job of the above safety precautions.

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